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In a world of acronyms...What you need to know.

What is Diversity Certification?

A third party verification process which ensures diverse suppliers that are presenting themselves to a corporate buyer are truly diversity owned,-controlled andā€operated.

Why is Diversity Important?

  • Promotes the inclusion of and access to diverse suppliers into a supply chain
  • Fosters a mutually positive relationship between the corporations and the diverse suppliers
  • Diverse businesses are often more cost-effective
  • Diversity-owned businesses tend to have greater access to emerging markets
  • Sustainability
  • Community Pride

Is my company the right fit for Certification?

In order to qualify for diversity certification, your business must be at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a minority individual or group of minority individuals. You many want to ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your product/service targeted at businesses?
  • Does your business have the capacity to provide quality service to your target market?
  • Could your business benefit from a differentiated marketing strategy?

How can Diversity Certification give me a competitive edge?

Consumers have numerous choices when selecting a service or product provider. Diversity Certification can provide a differentiated marketing strategy as a key for business success. One vital way to differentiate your company is by certifying your diversity owned company as a business that meets the criteria for several key certifying organizations:


What are the benefits of Certification?

  • Access to a current list of supplier diversity and procurement
  • Formal and informal opportunities to pursue business deals
  • Sourcing connections through match-making portals
  • Regional and national networking and business events
  • Chance to partner with other certified diverse suppliers

How can I get started?

Certify My Company specializes in providing certification assistance to diverse business owners and the corporations they serve by guiding and assisting them through the arduous process of becoming certified as:

  • WBE
  • MBE
  • VBE
  • DBE
  • SBA 8a
  • LGBT
  • and many more...