Corporations: Leverage for Achievement


By leveraging current business suppliers, Certify My Company (CMC) helps corporations define a strategy and then achieve supplier diversity spend goals. CMC works with corporations that have completed a preliminary evaluation of the diversity status of their suppliers and have a significant level of spend with companies that are “certifiable” but haven’t gone through the formal third party certification process.

In response, CMC’s team works directly with these suppliers to guide them through the diversity certification process. By increasing the percentage of diversity spend with diverse suppliers certified by independent third parties, Certify My Company can also enhance the confidence level in the spend numbers that are reported:

  • Increasing in the amount of diversity spend that qualifies for ‘Billion Dollar Round Table’ consideration
  • Garnering ""quick wins"" by focusing on current suppliers
  • Increasing the percentage of diverse spend with certified spend
  • Insuring confidence in the accuracy and validity of spend numbers reported

Prepare for Success.

Certify My Company has meticulously created services designed around today’s complex corporate business environment. Our calls-to-action are based on experience and careful consideration of the demand for smart solutions within the supplier diversity community. Our scope of corporate services include...


After the Scrub Now What?™ Transitioning Classified Diverse Supliers to Certified Diverse Suppliers

Designed to increase your certified diverse spend without increasing the number of suppliers.

Vendor Registration

Diverse Supplier Registration

We can work to ensure accuracy of diverse supplier information on proprietary diverse supplier portals by updating relevant information for specified suppliers to reflect capabilities.

Development Program

Development programs

We will help to educate and prepare diverse suppliers interested in doing business with the Fortune 1000 community.

Educational Programs

Educational programs

Our goal is to build diversity understanding among internal and external decision makers.

Matchmaking Programs

Matchmaking Programs

We want to allow certified and registered diverse suppliers the opportunity to meet with prime suppliers as well as internal procurement professionals.

Supplier Sourcing

Supplier Sourcing

CMC will work to identify qualified certified diverse supliers for consideration in specific projects.